Date night in summery Malta

We’re in the midst of Summer which probably means you’ve already ran out of date ideas which won’t leave you sweaty and unwilling to leave the house. Here are 7 date ideas which are guaranteed to create memorable experiences for you and your partner.

Barbeque by the beach

Everyone likes a good barbeque – especially if it’s by the beach on a breezy, summer, evening. Got cooking skills to showcase? Pack a portable grill and a trusty spatula, stock up on juicy ingredients and exciting beverages, and head out to a BBQ-approved beach to surprise your date with a night of delicacies under the stars.

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Café del Mar

Planning a lengthy date with your significant other? Trade out a day by the pool for a small admission fee. The venue not only features a stunning infinity pool but also hosts a restaurant and poolside bar. Café del Mar welcomes the panoramic sunset with chill-out music and an atmospheric vibe. Café del Mar offers an experience like no other in the iconic location that is Qawra.


The Maltese are known for a service with a smile. If you want to have your night made by critic approved food and a genuine restaurant staff – head on out to a restaurant to get your senses pleased and your tummy satisfied. Remember: ain’t no 21st-century date without a food shot.

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Ferry ride

Ditch the car and take a romantic ferry ride around Malta’s main harbours. The voyage will be a hundred times better accompanied by an iconic, fiery, Maltese sunset. Have a romantic proposal for your significant other? This idea might just serve as a perfect backdrop.

Tourists for the day

People visit Malta from all over the world to enjoy its stunning architecture, why should the locals be any less appreciative? Take a tour of Malta’s most touristic locations to get a taste of the Mediterranean hype. Looking to discover if your partner has got the skills to be a suitable Instagram Husband/Wife? Now’s the time.

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Evening walks

Hikes are a challenging business in Summer, especially with Malta’s blazing temperatures. Nonetheless, several night walks are organised in Malta to attract adventurous, active, souls. Invite your partner to a casual night out and tour Malta’s most picturesque, secluded, locations. The experience will leave your senses awed.

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Weekend break

Extend your date across a weekend and book a stay at the Topaz Hotel. Why should you opt for a weekend break over a date you ask? Check out our top 5 reasons.

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