Five reasons to book a hotel

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Sometimes all you need is to book a getaway to a hotel and just switch off. If you are looking for some excuses to treat yourself, here are 5 reasons why you should book a room at the Topaz Hotel this year round!

Indoor Pool

Who doesn’t like taking a good dip in warm water? Yes, summer is over but the option is still on the table when you book a weekend at a hotel like Topaz. Dip your feet in the warm indoor pool, swim some laps or simply let the water guide you around. No matter what you opt for, we know you’ll feel more than satisfied.


Hotels are known for offering relaxation, and what better than a spa or massage in order to relax and wind off. Get rid of every-day stress, all you have to do is book a massage and treat yourself to the relaxation that will follow. You can even choose to share the experience with a loved one if you wish.


Sometimes, after a good night out, the last thing you feel like doing is bidding farewell to your friends and getting your drunken self home safe. Booking a night stay at a hotel is ideal in such cases, especially if the hotel is in a fun and active area such as St. Paul’s Bay. Maybe order yourself some room service the morning after too!


Although cooking is a hobby for some, it’s a nightmare for others. Regardless of which stand you take in this regard, it’s always nice to take a day off from chores, kick back, and let a chef cook the food for you and your family. After all, what’s better than waking up to the smell of a continental breakfast or descending the stairs towards an all-you-can-eat buffet?


Always hanging around the same 4 walls can get boring at times, what better way to change up the environment than to book a double room for you and your husband? No need to make the bed every morning or change the sheets or dust the room. Just leave the room for breakfast and come back to a spick and span room.

Feeling an itch to book a room? Go on, come to the Topaz Hotel!