How to spend a long weekend

We’re always looking forward to long weekends but never quite know what to do with them when they’re with us. If you’re out of ideas for the coming long weekend – check out these 5 suggestions.


Treat yourself to a weekend break

Why spend your long weekend at home when you can enjoy a change of scene? Choose the Topaz Hotel for your next weekend break in order to enjoy a pampering all weekend long. Why book a room you ask? Here are some of our reasons.

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Celebrate the feast in question

Long weekends come with public holidays, so maybe you should celebrate the feast that’s keeping responsibility at bay for a while longer. Head out to the closest celebration and experience the Maltese culture holistically or alternatively overlook the fireworks from the beautiful St.Paul’s Bay.


Do everything you never have time to do

Have you been wanting to get a hair cut or your nails painted for ages now, but just can’t seem to find the time? That’s what long weekends are for! Make an appointment at the closest salon and treat yourself to a day of luxury. Not sure where to go? St. Paul’s Bay happens to have a large selection of economical salons to choose from.

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Live a new experience

A day of work can leave us too knackered to try out something new. What better time to push your boundaries than a revitalising long weekend? Attempt a water sport or visit the new restaurant you’ve been dying to try – there’s always something new going on in St.Paul’s Bay. Whatever you do, make sure the weekend isn’t customary.


Learn something new

Use the long weekend to culture yourself and learn something new. The St. Paul’s Bay area is full of museums and cultural hubs such as the Classic Car Museum and the National Aquarium. There’s something for everyone, just pick your poison!

St. Paul’s Bay seems to be the perfect location for your next long weekend. We hope to see you at the Topaz during your vacation!