An Instagram tour around the radius of The Topaz

If you think you need to visit the heart of Malta to capture the best possible shots for your Instagram feed – you’re in the wrong. St Paul’s Bay, located at the north of Malta, is swarmed with picturesque landscapes and sports some of the most hearty food joints on the island. If you’re looking to stock up on awe-worthy shots during your stay at The Topaz, you needn’t stray too far from the hotel – pay a visit to these 10 sites.

Start the day off at Koffee

If you’re looking to grab breakfast outside The Topaz, Koffee is the perfect place to kick off your Instagram Tour. The cheeky café is located at only a 15-minute walk from The Topaz, just a corner away from the Bugibba bus terminus. The cafeteria offers an extensive menu, serving dishes such as crumpets, omelettes and, of course, the unforgiving full English.

Grab a look at the Hephaestus shipwreck site

Over on our last blog post, we had discussed the tale of St Paul’s Shipwreck and the story behind St Paul’s Island. If memory serves you right, you might remember that the Hephaestus is a vessel which shipwrecked on St Paul’s Bay’s shores on the very day the Maltese commemorate St Paul’s arrival to the island. The Hephaestus is currently in the process of being returned to the sea but if you’re visiting Malta in the coming couple of months, you might just be in luck and snap a photo beside the towering tanker.

Scout the locals as you lounge at the Bugibba square

The Maltese are most certainly an interesting sight. If you’re interested in observing the way of the locals while resting your feet on a comfortable bench, we recommend you pay a visit to the Bugibba square. The square is lined with palm trees and warm tiles which will evoke the most summery vibes.

Walk across the promenade

Bugibba features a 1-mile long promenade which extends its way to Qawra. While walking along the coast, you will be delighted by views of the sea, anchored boats and perched kiosks. It’s iconic for tourists and budding couples to steal a shot in front of the scenic view.

Catch your breath at Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is a South African seafood chain which found its way to Malta in 2015. The restaurant is situated in Qawra and is most acclaimed for its large portions and extensive platters. There’s no better place to eat fresh seafood than by the sea after all.

Take a dip in the pool at Café Del Mar

Malta sure did a good job at adopting the Ibizan franchise – Café Del Mar. Café Del Mar is a bar located in the vicinity of the Malta National Aquarium. You may opt to grab cocktails while laying down on a deckchair or take a dip in the picturesque infinity pool at the complex. Either way, you’re sure to steal a good shot while visiting.

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Study the fauna at the Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium was founded in 2013 and, since then, has sought to educate its visitors about marine conservation while providing the locals with a fun, laid-back environment. The aquarium sports over 40 tanks as well as an underwater tunnel which makes for the perfect Instagram shot.

Treat yourself with some fine dining at SALT

SALT – Kitchen & Lounge is a fine dining restaurant which dedicated its focus to local, fresh ingredients. The restaurant plates their food beautifully and we know no one can resist sharing a photo of their mouth-watering dishes these days.

Explore the night scene at Miracles Lounge

Miracles Lounge is definitely the place to grab a drink – or two – in the area. Miracles Lounge is located at the centre of the Bugibba square and boasts an upbeat atmosphere as well as some envy-worthy cocktails. The lounge offers a happy hour offer between 4 pm and 6 pm so we definitely suggest visiting during those hours to guarantee yourselves the best of times.

Satisfy your evening cravings at Thirsty Cow

We know you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t deny it! Thirsty Cow incorporates together our two favourite things – waffles and candy. Simply choose between a pearl and brussel base and then take your pick from Thirsty Cow’s vast selection of candy to top off your waffle. Alternatively, if waffles are not your thing, you may opt to indulge in a chocolate oozing shake.

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We can’t wait to see what you decide to shoot during your visit. Make sure to tag our location when uploading your images to Instagram so we can see what you’ve been up to during your stay! Happy exploring!