Top relaxation spots in Bugibba

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Looking to achieve the perfect level of relaxation? Thinking about booking a weekend break? St. Paul’s Bay might just be the location for you. Check out 5 relaxation hubs in the St.Paul’s Bay radius.

Topaz’s Indoor & Outdoor Pools

What better way to relax than to stick to your hotel and not venture too far? Topaz is equipped with an indoor and outdoor pool; featuring deckchairs, umbrellas and the top notch Beryl Pool Bar – the perfect equation for a poolside day.

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The Fish Lounge

Want to experience a new adventure? Head out to the Fish Lounge and have your feet nibbled on by fish for hours on end. The sensation may feel weird at first but will transform into a relaxing ordeal in no time.

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Café Del Mar

Café Del Mar is a relatively new hub that’s making its rounds in Malta. Purchase your tickets to benefit a day of relaxation and luxury. Café Del Mar features a 250 sun-lounger area along with a VIP area to avoid disappointment.

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L-Għażżenin Bay

L-Għażżenin Bay – the name says it all. If you’re feeling lazy and have no interest in straying far, spend a day at this silent beach. Caution: you might never want to leave.

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Fitness Club

Legends say that some people find exercise soothing. The Fitness Club in St. Paul’s Bay is open 24/7 and is equipped with a cardio area as well as a main workout area – all for your enjoyment.

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Does the prospect of a relaxing weekend sound appealing to you yet? Book your weekend with us. See you at the Topaz!