Best underwater diving spots in Qawra

Looking to live the ultimate diving experience? Here are 4 beautiful underwater locations you could easily experience during a weekend break in St.Paul’s Bay.

Imperial Eagle

The Imperial Eagle might not have experienced a shipwreck as historic as the Titanic but its history is equally as rich. The Imperial Eagle was built by J. Crown & Sons Ltd, in England in 1938 and owned by Sunny and Maria Pisani – a couple from Gozo – to serve as transport from Mgarr to Marfa. The ship was sold to the local diving community in 1995 to be scuttled and serve as a diving site for explorers of the Maltese seas.

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Qawra reef

The Qawra Reef is a dive site situated on a peninsula called Qawra Point. The dive leads to an inshore area, where one can find a large variety of fish and sponge colonies. Once through the cave, you will come across a small inland where you can surface and snorkel around a central rock.

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HMS Stubborn

Stubborn served the Navy during the Second World War, spending most of the battle in home waters, operating off the Scandinavian coast, and in the Pacific Far East. The HMS Stubborn was scuttled by the Royal Navy in 1946 for ASDIC sonar-training purposes.The descent is accompanied by hundreds of brightly coloured sponges and shoals of damselfish.

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Christ of the Sailors statue

If you’ve googled ‘Diving in Malta’ before, the image of the Christ of the Sailors statue has surely popped up at some point or another. The statue was commissioned to Maltese sculptor, Alfred Camilleri Cauchi, by a committee of divers for scuttling-purposes. The statue was initially sunk purposely in 1990 in St. Paul’s Bay but has recently been relocated to Qawra for preservation purposes.


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