Where to hike in Malta

Although small in size, Malta features some key hiking destinations. If you’re looking to get some activity this Spring, slip on your trekking shoes and embark on one of these 6 paths! 

Pembroke -> Bahar iċ-Ċaghaq (6km)

If you’re up for a short, effortless ride, head on out to the Pembroke park and ride for a 6km walk. At your arrival, walk through the centre of Pembroke, into the country fields until you reach the Madliena tower. From there, feel free to enjoy the scenic views as you walk through the cliffs, towards Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq.  Once your hike is complete, indulge into an ice-cream to freshen you up or sit by the sandy beach for a relaxing time.

St Peter’s Pool -> Birżebbuġa (7.7km)

If you frequent Youtube, you may have heard of Malta’s pride: Titty, the diving dog. This particular hiking trail has start at the place of Titty’s fame, St. Peter’s Pool. Walk onward to Marsaxlokk, where you may enjoy the beauty of the fish market on Sunday or take a boat ride on one of Malta’s traditional Luzzus around the area. Finish off the hike by walking towards Birżebbuġa. On the way, you’ll encounter the St. Lucian Tower which nowadays serves as the Malta Aquaculture Research Centre. Grab a bite in the Birżebbuġa city centre. 

Mdina -> Dingli (11km)

If you’re ready to face a longer hike, start your exploration at Malta’s silent city, Mdina. Head on out to the history-filled city of Rabat. Visit the Domvs Romana or grab a typical Maltese lunch in the traditional restaurants based in Rabat. Continue your journey by heading to Dingli, where you can end your tour overlooking the beautiful Dingli Cliffs on one of the well-placed benches. You may also get a view of Filfla on a clear day! 

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Victoria lines (12km)

The Victoria lines are a fortification system that spread across 12 km of Malta. These walls, also known as the Great Fault, are currently tentative World Heritage sites for Malta. All for good reason. Take a hike, lasting around 3 hours, across these defensive lines. The experience will be unforgettable! If you choose to embark on this path, remember to wear suitable shoes in order to avoid injuries. 

Għadira bay -> Ġnejna (13.7km)

If you’re visiting when the weather is warm, why not take a hike around Malta’s picturesque beaches? Start off at Ghadira bay in the early morning in order to avoid the influx of tourists. Make your way to Golden Bay – the perfect beach for beach volley and BBQs. Continue your journey by visiting the secluded Għajn Tuffieħa, and ultimately reaching Ġnejna. If you’re sweating by the end of the 13.7km, take a dip at Ġnejna bay to freshen up.

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Għarb -> Wied il-Għasri (6km)

Although miniature, Gozo is a terrific hiking location! Head on out to Għarb, the village hosting the majestic Ta’ Pinu Church and venture off onto the path to Wied il-Għasri. This beautiful final destination features a haven for divers and a beautiful cliff-bound inlet. Beware, though, make sure to sport solid shoes as the pebbled floor in Wied il-Għasri can be hell in floppy sandals. 

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Let us know which path you choose to embark on and your favourite discoveries on your journey!