8 things to do in St. Paul’s Bay

Planning to stay at Topaz Hotel any time soon? We’re sure our location won’t leave you disappointed. Here are 8 things you can do during your holiday in St. Paul’s Bay!

Hit the beach

Beachin’ it is always an option when in Malta, especially when you’re in a town that’s named after a bay. If you’re not the biggest fan of swimming, relax by the sea or engage in some water sport such as paddling or kayaking.

Explore the seas

If you’ve always had a secret passion for diving, or if you’re just feeling outright adventurous, give diving a try! St Paul’s waters feature some stunning submerged sights, we’re sure you’ll enjoy exploring. Just head on out to one of the diving centres in St. Paul’s Bay and dive into the fun!

Catch a movie

If you and your sweetheart are movie lovers, heading to the cinema may be a good way to pass the time at hand. Watch a newly released movie or buy tickets to a random screen and surprise yourself with the outcome. Remember; popcorn is a must!

Gamble with care

Feeling lucky? Head on out to the casino and try your fortune. Treat yourself out to a night of luxury and experience the adrenaline rush you’ve been seeking. Keep in mind that all is good in modest amounts.

Hook a line  

Join the numerous fishermen on the coast of St. Paul’s Bay and catch some livestock. This activity is in true Maltese fashion. If you want to live the full Maltese experience, we suggest you give fishing a shot.

Spot a shark

If you prefer your fish afloat, pay a visit to the National Aquarium, located at walking distance away from Topaz Hotel. Although, this new institution may not be the largest of its kind, it sure is a national pride. Shoot some pictures in front of the green screen while you’re there, they’ll make for perfect souvenirs!

Get your party shoes on

Although Malta is known for its cultural presence, centres like St. Paul’s Bay offer a vivid nightlife to its inhabitants. Head on out to one of the pubs and clubs located at a stone throw away from Topaz hotel, and dance the night away.

Appreciate the landscape

If you’re not a fan of the party scene, and have been tired out by all the activities you took a shot at during your stay at Topaz, take a stroll through St. Paul’s Bay and enjoy the scenic landscape it has to offer. You’ll experience nothing more relaxing.

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to during your stay in St. Paul’s Bay. We’re excited to have you visit!